Kris Kersten Signature Products

Due to the increased demand for "time saving", highest quality materials, we are introducing the Kersten Signature Series, "Technique Designed" T5 Porcelain Build-up Brush and DiamonDust porcelain polish. This brush was designed specifically by Kris Kersten, BA, CDT for building porcelain and staining. The diamond paste has been formulated to "glaze polish" extremely fast all of the Restorative Materials including composites. We have tested other polishes against DiamonDust and have formulated DiamonDust to be "light years" ahead of others in convenience and speed.

diamonddust2 copy
The DiamonDust Polish is a semi-hard paste which is conveniently packaged in 2.5 gm. jars. The DiamonDust paste has been designed to soften and wet the surface upon usage. This assures a uniform coating on the restoration. Due to its semi-hard paste like consistency it will not fly off the felt wheel or restoration when used properly. The DiamonDust polish also contains other polishing agents to increase its speed as well as ease of application.

Retail: $30.00
Dental Invisions Special: $28.50
Kersten course special: $25.65

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Retail: $30.00
Dental Invisions special: $28.50
Kersten course special: $25.65

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The shape of the brush is different from a normal round artist brush. It has multiple shapes included in one brush. The brush is made of synthetic Kolinsky Sable hair. The unique design gives you several different size and shapes of brushes all in one brush. These include a fine point, tapering point, tapering flare and the typical round point. The T5 brush replaces brushes varying in sizes from #OO through #5.

Retail: $30.00
Dental Invisions Special: $27.50
Kersten Course Participant: $24.75